Introduction to Big Data

1. Why is Big Data important? What is Big Data? Characteristics of Big Data. Why should you care about Big Data? What are possible options for analyzing big?

Comparison between Hadoop Versus RDBMS

2. Traditional Distributed Systems

3. Problems with traditional distributed systems

Introduction of Hadoop

4. What is Hadoop? History of Hadoop. How does Hadoop solve Big Data problem? Components of Hadoop

5. What is HDFS? How HDFS works? Understand the Basic Architecture.

6. What is Mapreduce? How Mapreduce works?

7. How Hadoop works as a system?

Introduction to Data Analysis using Hadoop

8. What is Pig? How it works? Analyze data using Pig.

9. What is Hive? How it works? Analyze data using Hive.

10. What is Mapreduce? How it works? An Example.

11. What is Flume? How it works?An example.

12. What is Sqoop? How it works .An example

13. What is Oozie? How it works. An example.

Implementing Hadoop Eco System

14. VMsetup

15. Setting up Virtual Machine

16. Installing Hadoop Eco-system on a single node.

17. Understanding the configuration for single node and multi-node installation.

18. Hands On exercise.

19. Running your first MapReduce Program

20. Hands-on using Pig , Hive, MapReduce and Sqoop.

21. Understand how partitioners and combiners function in mapReduce.

22. Planning your Hadoop cluster. Hardware and Software considerations.

23. Scheduling in Hadoop

24. Monitoring your Hadoop Cluster

25. Monitoring tools available

26. Monitoring best practices

27. Administration Best practices

28. Hadoop Administration best practices

29. Tools of the trade

Trainers Profile:

Trainer is Working Consultant from IBM with 4+ years of Consulting and Training Experience.Hadoop School of Training strictly follows the policy of employing working Hadoop Professional as a Trainer and by this only we can maintain the quality of the training.

Course Duration: 4 Weeks (Around 60 Hours) of Class Room Training.

Course Fee: 25,000 INR.

Trainer�s Contact Details:Ph. +91-9325793756 (Email:

Mode of Training:This would be a class Room Based Training.

Hadoop Server Access:We required student to come up with system or Laptop and we will install Hadoop Software on the same.

Books and Study Material:Hadoop School of Training will provide all Study Material and Books for this course in Soft Copy format + Hard Copy.

Cloudera Certification Questionnaire and Answer:As a part of this course , we will share the Question Bank for Cloudera Certification.

Self-Practice Required:If you are looking to get into Hadoop Developer roles so please dedicated 300-400 Hrs. of Self-study and Practice in order to get command on the system and then only you can easily clear�s Hadoop Developer�s Interviews.

Background Need to get into this course:This course suits to the people who are coming from Business Degree Background (BE, MCA, MSc. etc.).

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