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Course Introduction

Basics of Machine Learning

a. What is Machine Learning

b. Common Machine Learning and Statistical Terms

c. Types of Machine Learning Models and Algorithms overview

d. Understanding and Visualisation of the Data

Getting Started with Azure Machine Learning

a. What is Azure ML and how it differs from other ML Approaches

b. Creating your free account for Azure ML

c. Azure ML Studio Walkthrough

d. Azure ML Experiment steps and flow

e. Azure ML algorithms

Data Processing in Azure ML

a. Data Input and Output

b. Applying filters,

c. Adding Columns, Rows,

d. Data Clean-up

e. Edit Metadata of the dataset

f. Selecting the data for models – Creating the Train and Test datasets

Azure ML Classification Models

a. Two-Class Classifications

b. Two-Class Logistics Regression

c. Two-Class SVM

d. Two-Class Bayes Point Machine

e. Two-Class Decision Forest

f. Two-Class Boosted Decision Tree

g. Two Class Neural Network

Azure ML Classification Models

a. b. Multi-Class Classification

b. Multi-Class Logistics Regression

c. Multi-Class Neural Network

d. Multi-Class Decision Tree

e. One-V-All Multiclass

Clustering using Azure ML

a. K-Means Clustering

Anomaly Detection using Azure ML

a. One-Class SVM

b. PCA-Based Anomaly detection

Text Analytics and Natural Language Processing

Azure ML Image Processing

Recommendation System using Azure ML

Azure Hyper Parameter Tuning

Trainers Profile:

Learner, knowledge seeker and giver for life

Jitesh has almost a decade of experience in Machine Learning, Data Mining, Digital Transformation, Big Data and Analytics. As a seasoned leader in Digital Transformation and Analytics, he develops, negotiates and executes strategies that generate high top and bottom line revenue streams.

Jitesh was member of the high-profile team to suggest tax reforms and amendments in VAT, Customs and Income Tax based on fraud pattern analysis, countrywide data mining and analysis, business process security analysis. This not only contributed to a revolutionary change in the tax processes but also reduced the tax and customs frauds.

Worked as Analytics Champion in a global organisation. Led various real-time projects in Machine Learning and Analytics.